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Welcome to the Launchpad!
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You are a few steps away from dropping your Location Based NFT on the Lost Worlds platform. Follow the steps below and then click the submit button. Remember, only fields with asterisks are required.
Step 1: Creator Details
The Creator is the person associated to the project, and the name that is displayed with it. Enter your name, a short bio on yourself, and the best email to contact you.
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You can also upload a profile picture (square) and splash image (375w x 94h) for your profile page on Lost Worlds. Don't worry, you can always add or change it later.
Upload Image
Upload Image
Next, enter in the links to any social handles you have below. 
Step 2: Project Details
The Project will contain your location based NFT on the Lost Worlds app, and can be found under the projects tab on the explore page. Enter a name and description for your project.
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Each project comes with its own picture. You can choose to upload your own picture (352w x 190h) or choose to use our default one.
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Upload Image
Similar to the profile page, each project has a dedicated page with its own profile picture (square) and banner image (375w x 94h). Don't worry if you don't have one ready, you can always add or change it later.
Upload Image
Upload Image
Enter in the links to any social handles associated with your project. Feel free to use the same ones as above.
Step 3: Location Details
The Location is the spot on the map that contains your NFT. Enter the name and google map address of the location you want to drop your NFT.
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A location has a radius, which a person must travel inside of in order to be able to purchase the NFT. Select a radius for your location.
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Each location also comes with its own splash image, to create a unique ¨digital storefront¨ experience for your NFT drop. You can choose to upload your own picture (390w x 844h) or choose to use our default one. 
Upload Image
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Step 4: NFT Details
The NFT is the digital artwork that exists within the location. Upload the artwork you want to use for the NFT. This can be either an image or a video. We recommend using 1 by 1 (square) dimensions.
Upload Image


Upload Video
Now let’s enter some important details for the NFT, such as its name, its price, the total supply available, and the description. 
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Step 5: Blockchain & Payment
When someone purchases the NFT using their web3 wallet, they will own it on the blockchain. Choose which blockchain you’d like to launch your NFT on.
Ethereum (Coming Soon)
When an NFT is sold, you will earn 100% of the revenue. Enter the best wallet address to send your earnings. If you don’t have a crypto wallet, here’s a quick tutorial on how to get one setup. 
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